How to ePrint with Chrome book via HP Printer?

With a huge range of laptops and printers, HP has become one of the leading manufacturers. Earlier HP was only famous for their laptop diversifications but now they have variety in Hp printers as well. HP printers are the most common printers used by people around the globe. The most important thing about the HP printer is that it has high reliability. The technology in every HP printer is super advance and updates itself for better performance and good quality of work.

Chrome book

Advance technology in HP printers might bring problems to install the HP printer for some of you. In case, you encounter any problem you can contact the HP technical team or hp customer support. The HP support services are available 24*7. You can also post queries on hp customer number. Moreover, you can get connected with the hp printer assistant, which is a toll-free number, visible on the website. Therefore, if you are a new user of a Hp printer you can get the tech support to install your HP printers.   

HP allows you to print from the Chrome book. This is something new; so first, it is important to understand that

What is a Chrome book?

A Chrome book is a laptop from Google. It is a low-cost alternative if you consider purchasing a basic laptop. Chrome book does not run on Windows, it runs on Chrome OS, similar to the Google Chrome web browser. This means you can use a Chrome book to do just about anything you would normally do online: you can read websites, check your emails, watch online videos and much more.

You can print from your Chrome book by sending an email to your HP printer using the printer’s email address.

  • ePrint a document or photo saved on your Chrome book
  1. You have to create a new email with your email account.
  2. Type your printer’s email address, in the “To” box.
  3. Now, type a subject in the subject line of the email.
  4. Attach the document or photo to the email, and then click the “Send” option visible below the email.
  • ePrint an email
  1. Open and select the email you want to print, select “Forward” option.
  2. In the “To” box provide your HP printer’s email address and, click on “Send”.
  • Print a webpage
  1. Open the webpage you want to print, press the “Cntrl+A” key to select the entire page content, then press “Cntrl+C” to copy it.

Note: you can also use the “Command” key instead of the Cntrl key.

  1. Now, open a new blank document, press the “Ctrl+V” key to paste the copied content, and then save the document to your Chrome book.
  2. Attach the document with the email message and provide the email address of your printer, and then click on ‘Send”.

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