How to make generic ink cartridges work on an HP Printer?

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Install generic ink cartridge

When you run out of the ink in your HP Printer, you replace it with a new one. Sometimes, people prefer buying ink cartridges from third-party stores because it is comparatively low in cost. These cartridges are usually known as Generic ink cartridges. Many ink cartridge suppliers tend to offer the lowest price as well as high-quality HP Printer ink cartridges.

Install generic ink cartridge in your HP Printer

When you try to replace an empty ink cartridge in your existing printer, putting an ink cartridge in your printer requires a proper procedure to follow for more help you can also visit the website. Switch on your HP Printer, take your new generic ink cartridge out of the packaging, and follow the procedure given below:

  1. Open the HP Printer ink tray-
  • Make sure the printer is receiving power from the cord connected to it.
  • On opening the ink tray, the ink cartridge will slide into view in the center of your HP Printer.
  • Also note that, in HP All-in-One Printers, you need to lift the top lid to access the ink cartridges.
  1. Take out the ink cartridge from the printer and remove the old ones from the printer-
    • To dislodge the cartridge from the ink holder, press down on the ink cartridge that you wish to remove.
    • Once the existing cartridge pops out, pull out the rest of it completely.
  2. Take out the new generic ink cartridge from the packaging by tearing the white plastic package-
    • You also need to remove the proactive tab on the generic ink cartridge. The proactive tab is generally the plastic film that stops the ink from spilling out.
    • It advised to not touch the copper-colored part of the cartridge, because it may result in clogging, ink failure, or disconnection.
  3. Insert the new generic ink cartridge-
    • Slide down the new ink cartridge with the ink nozzles facing away from you.
    • If you have purchased the colored ink cartridge, then put in the left side.
    • If you have purchased the black ink cartridge, then you should set it on the right side of the ink tray.

Although generic ink cartridges may save you some bugs, it is recommended that you buy the original HP ink cartridges. The generic ink cartridges might become the cause of your frustration by giving the faulty prints. If you are facing any kind of trouble with your HP Printer, then you may fix the issues by using the HP Printer Assistant.

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