Guide for beginners for HP DeskJet 3755 wireless setup

Do you need any assistance for hp DeskJet 3755 setup so that you can connect with the wireless printer? Through this article, we will offer tips to set up your printer over a wireless network for the Windows and Mac operating systems. With the help of hp DeskJet 3755 wireless setup, you can easily print from any place at anytime giving the commands for printing. Just make sure that you use the simple method to make an effortless wireless printing connection. So, let’s get started!

hp deskjet 3755 setup

HP deskjet 3755 wifi setup- For Windows

For the hp DeskJet 3755 setup on Windows you need to follow the steps that are given here:

  1. You need to organize the items for the connection.
  2. Just collect the wireless network name and the password in order to connect the HP DeskJet 3755 printer and computer.
  3. Now, you have to turn on the router, printer, and computer.
  4. Just connect the computer to the same wireless network to which you have connected the printer.
  5. During the hp Deskjet 3755 setup process, you need to turn on the printer and place it closer to the system within the range of the router.
  6. You need to link the printer to the wireless network.
  7. To setup the wireless network to the printer, the hp DeskJet 3755 setup wizard is an easy method.
  8. Click on the printer power button to turn on the printer.
  9. On the printer’s control panel, tap on the Wireless icon.
  10. The wireless summary screen gets displayed.
  11. Just tap on the “Settings” option and then click on the Wireless setup wizard.
  12. You can use the guides to link the printer to the wireless connection.
  13. Now, you have to download and configure the printer driver.
  14. You just need to go to the website, click on the “Download” option and then select the “Open” option.
  15. Save or run the file in the Windows that appears to download the driver on your PC.
  16. Go to the browser downloads bar or in the “Downloads” folder and double tap in the xxx.exe file on the computer to install the driver.
  17. You can use the tips that are clearly displayed on the screen to finish the connection setup and the driver installation process successfully.

Hp DeskJet 3755 setup mac

In order to establish hp DeskJet 3755 setup, you have to follow the steps that are given here:

  1. You need to collect the Wireless network name and password prior to setting up the printer on your hp DeskJet 3755 setup.
  2. You need to acknowledge that the printer and your computer are linked to the same wireless connection.
  3. Power up the printer, router, and PC.
  4. Place the computer and printer at a closer distance during the Setup process.
  5. Unplug any Ethernet or USB cables from the printer.
  6. Associate your printer to the wireless network.
  7. Make use of the wireless setup wizard to associate the printer with a wireless network easily.
  8. Check if your hp DeskJet 3755 setup printer is powered on.
  9. Go to the printer’s control panel, click the wireless icon.
  10. Select the “Settings” and click wireless setup wizard.
  11. Use the instructions on the control panel to link the printer to the wireless network.
  12. Go to the website and download the printer driver.
  13. Once the download is completed.
  14. Click the file xxx.dmg and install it.
  15. Download and install the updated driver.
  16. Use the on-screen guide to install it.
  17. Choose your printer and then tap on the “Continue” button from the HP utility setup window.
  18. Select the “Add Printer” option.
  19. Choose the 123.hp.setup printer name.
  20. Click on the “Use or Print Using” option.
  21. Tap on the “Add” option and then click on the “Continue” button followed by a tap on the “Done” button.


By the end of this topic, we hope that you are now clear about the set of instructions to be followed in order to make a wireless connection via hp DeskJet 3755 setup. However, if you still have queries related to the topic then you are suggested to visit the official website and get assistance. You can also download the hp assistant driver and get virtual assistance for the same.

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