HP Printer Assistant

HP is one of the finest manufacturers of operating systems such as laptops, printers, drivers and software. Hp products are known for their quality, but apart from delivering the qualitative products, HP is also known for its services.  HP allows you to download hp support assistant in order to solve the problems occurring at the time of installing the product. For the HP printers, HP provides you the hp printer assistant, in case you encounter any issue with your HP printer.  Before you proceed to the downloading steps, you should understand what actually HP Printer assistant is.

What is HP Printer Assistant?

HP Printer Assistant is printing software that sets up your printer, scans documents; checks ink levels, take control of all printing processes, and much more. It comes with HP printers that are manufactured after 2009. HP Printer Assistant is designed for managing print activities and improving the efficiency of your printer. The software automatically gets installed every time you install HP Printer drivers.

When you update your Windows, the printer information is lost. In this case, use the HP Printer Assistant to connect your printer as a new printer. You just need to reconnect your printer to regain access to HP Printer Tools and use them according to your needs. In addition to this, the software comes with its best features to give us the blissful experience with printing.

HP Printer Assistant helps manage your print job activities with ease. In other words, HP Printer assistant is a tool for tuning performance, updating printer drives, and troubleshooting issues.

How you can perform Hp Printer Assistant Download?

In order to download the HP Printer Assistant on your devices, you have to follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • Turn on your computer
  • Make sure that the USB cable is disconnected from the printer.
  • You need to visit HP Software and Driver Downloads for HP Printers in order to proceed further.
  • You have to enter your printer model number and click on “Submit” option.
  • A page will show up on your screen, this is the result page.
  • The result page will show your printer model. Click on the model you are using currently.
  • Now, if the default operating system is different from the device, which you use. You need to change it, click Change, and then select the version you are using and click “Change” option.
  • Now finally click on the “Download” option.
  • Select the type of installation you want, it can be either Typical or Recommended.

HP device offers Windows for their devices and Windows comes up with Hp support assistant, which is already installed. HP Support Assistant automatically finds and installs the latest updates for your device.

Important: Hp makes updates to HP Support Assistant on a regular basis. In order to install the latest Version, you have to visit Hp Customer service.

How you can install the latest version of HP drivers on HP Support Assistant?

You can follow the steps mentioned below to get the latest version installed:-

  1. Search and open the http://www.hp.com/go/hpsupportassistant in the Windows of your device.
  2. Find your computer on the “My devices” tab and then click on the “Updates” option.
  3. Click “Check for updates and messages” in order to get the latest updates on new versions.
  4. Wait while the HP Support Assistant is working on the latest updates.
  5. If new updates are available, you have to click the checkbox next to each update, and then click “Download and install”.
  6. Close the tool, when the HP Support Assistant finishes the downloading.
  7. Your Updated version is downloaded successfully.