HP Printer Instant Ink Customer service

These days subscription services seem to be everywhere. You can get almost everything delivered to you on your doorsteps. Similarly, HP Printer users can subscribe to HP instant ink customer service.

HP instant ink customer service

What is HP Instant Ink?

It is a monthly program that you can easily subscribe to for getting ink for your printers delivered on your doorsteps. Along with other leading brands, HP has also started to offer ink for its customers at an affordable price.

With the emergence of this program, customers don’t have to buy and own from the store. You also have the option to choose from the plan that suits you the best. There are various programs that you can subscribe to such as receiving 50 prints, 15 prints, 100 prints, etc., every month.

Pros and cons of HP’s Instant Ink service

Here is a list of things that one should keep in mind before subscribing to HP’s Instant Ink Program:

  1. The printed page quantity may vary- This means that even if you print a single line on a page, it will be counted as one single page and will count towards your monthly total. This program comes with certain guidelines with different specifications for which the customers need to be attentive about the printing commands.
  2. You may incur an overage fee-Some print job require you to print far more than the allotted monthly quantity, those extra charges may add up real quick. Customers enrolled in this program might need to plan and weigh their options to avoid this extra fee.
  3. HP is monitoring your activities- By subscribing to HP Instant Ink service you are giving HP access to remotely monitor your print count, check ink levels, and the type of documents you are printing. You are also allowing it to access your name, address, email, printer model, etc.
  4. Late cartridge deliveries- HP use the standard shipping method to deliver cartridges and can take as long as 10 days to arrive. Because it keeps track of your ink level, your printer can forecast when you will run out of cartridges and ship the ink to you in advance but if you want to print a high volume you might want your next cartridge to arrive instantly. In case you want the early shipping of your cartridge, you might have to incur additional charges.


Before subscribing to any of the services offered by HP Customer Service, you should know about the pros and cons of the service. Also, note that this service is not available for all the models of HP Printers. If you come across any problem while subscribing to the HP Instant Ink service, you can seek assistance by dialing HP Printer Assistant Number.

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