My HP printer is not printing

HP printers are highly used for personal, professional, or commercial use. The organization is coping with the technology and is putting forward the features making the tasks easier. From printing via pc to online printing via mobile phones, the mode has changed drastically.

Apart from all its advancements and features, HP printers still show errors. If you too are facing any trouble with the printer, make sure you take expert’s assistance. In most of the cases, users encounter ‘HP Printer Not Printing’ error. Along with this, other errors also affect the printing experience. Thus, to get rid of them, go manually as per the instructions below.

HP printer troubleshooting common errors

There could be various factors affecting your HP printer’s performance. Right when you install or set up an HP printer, you need to pay attention to eliminate any case of errors. Besides connecting the printer with a pc or laptop, making wireless connections is another important process to do.

However, chances may arise that you encounter error messages or codes. In that case, it is suggested to go with the manual process as below.

Error: My HP printer is not printing

HP printer won’t print black’ is what your trouble is? These steps below will help you get rid of the color printing error.

  1. Make sure you have installed HP Printer Assistant
  2. Check whether the printer driver is compatible with the printer model you have and install the latest one
  3. Load the required amount and size of pages on the paper tray
  4. If you are printing via wireless networks, make sure the printer and PC is connected with a single and stable network
  5. Install the cartridge with ink
  6. Check for the cable connections

After determining all the checks, try taking a print and you will see your printer working.

Error: HP printer not printing black

  1. Check and install/ re-install ink cartridge
  2. When you see the HP printer not printing black, possibilities are the cartridge is empty
  3. Open the top cover of your HP printer
  4. Let the cartridge more to the right corner and then remove it
  5. Insert a new color cartridge and cover the top
  6. The printer will start printing correctly
  7. Using a color ink cartridge will help you determine whether the printer is printing other colors like blue or red. If not, then connect with a technician to get HP Customer Support

Error: Cannot download free HP driver updates for windows 10

An older version of Windows OS does not create many complications when you update them. On contrary, Windows 10 updates cause problems with the printer driver. Users also state that HP printer won’t print from computer after the update. If this is the case with you then steps below will help you fix it.

  1. Uninstall HP support assistance in the first place
  2. Go to the official HP support website
  3. Click ‘Support’> Software and drivers > Printers
  4. Submit your HP printer name or model
  5. From the next page, you can install HP support assistant and other utilities depending on the printer model

Error: HP Printer in Error State

  1. The error text generally appears on the printers with LED screens
  2. If you too are encountering the text of ‘HP printer in Error State’ the power off the printer
  3. Disconnect and then reconnect the cable connections
  4. If there is some problem with the internet, you will see ‘HP Printer Offline’ error message. In this case, reconnect the printer and PC with the same network
  5. Go the official HP support webpage –
  • Support> Support & Troubleshoot > Diagnostic tools (from the blue bannered menu)> Printer Setup > Download ‘HP PRINT AND SCAN DOCTOR FOR WINDOWS PC’

Install the tool and run the task to repair your HP printer in error state.

Error: HP printer with Mac not printing clearly

You may also encounter that your printer is Offline or Not Responding on Mac. Follow the steps below to determine the cause and then troubleshoot it.

  1. Check whether the printer is connected properly with Mac
  2. Install a color printer cartridge
  3. Reset the printer settings
  4. To reset printer settings, click Apple menu> System Preferences> Print & Fax, Print & Scan
  5. Click-Right on the screen then select ‘Reset printing system’ option > Reset > Ok
  6. This will change the setting to default settings

No matter what error you are facing, performing manual troubleshooting steps will help you fix any issue. On the other hand, if you tried fixing the errors but still wondering ‘why is my printer not printing?’ then it is time to take support from the experts.

From the official HP support page, choose the option of ‘HP Chat’. You will be connected with a robot HP support assistant at first. Nevertheless, you can get in touch with a real-time assistant if the robotic assistant fails to fix the problem.

Whether you are printing with Windows 10, 7, Mac, or via any mobile device, and facing glitches meanwhile, seek direct HP support.

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