HP Printer Offline to online

Offering a wide range of printing machines with hi-tech functionalities, HP printers become the first preference for personal or commercial printing uses. Yet the global brand causes problems during the machine or HP printer driver installation. One most commonly occurring error is hp printer offline.

If you are one of the users who think why does my hp printer keep going offline, you must take some actions to fix the problem. However, prior to start any procedure; go through a basic check on your HP printer to confirm its functions.

Determine the following checks if the computer says printer is offline:

  • HP printer is installed properly
  • Your computer must have the HP printer assistant
  • Check the internet connections when you see your HP printer is offline
  • The printer and the computer must have the same internet connection
  • Check the network is stable and strong

After determining all these basic checks, the HP printer Offline error appears, it may be due to the following reasons:

Causes: why is my hp printer offline?

  • HP printer is not connected with the wireless network
  • Weak or unstable network connection
  • HP printer is not connected with your computer
  • The computer does not have an internet connection

Generally, an HP printer says offline when the internet connection has some failure. Highest chances of the hp printer offline errors are a wireless network and the printer are not connected. The network connection between printer and computer may cause several other problems.

General HP printer errors and their solutions

  • HP printer error message: No printer cartridge
  • Error message: Can’t print after Windows 10 updates
  • HP printer error code: 79 service error

Even though HP printers are the best printer for home use and commercial, it often displays error message ‘hp printer offline’.

To fix the error and take your HP printer offline to online, you will require following the steps below.

How do I fix HP printer offline windows 10 error?

  1. Turn off your printer and detach all the cables
  2. Reconnect the wires
  3. Connect the printer with PC
  4. Power on the printer
  5. On your computer, click the Start or Windows button
  6. Go to ‘Settings’ or browse by typing in the search field
  7. Click ‘Devices, Bluetooth, printer & mouse’
  8. From the left pane, below Home, click printers & scanners
  9. Click Add printer
  10. Now, from the printer’s LED screen, press the setting option/ icon
  11. Press Network
  1. Select Wireless Network Wizard
  2. Press on your wireless network name
  3. Enter the network password
  4. Confirm by pressing OK/ Done on the next step

The error of HP printer offline windows 10 is now fixed. You are ready to start printing, as your fixed HP printer offline to online. In contrary, if the problem persists, dial HP Printer Support number to get assistance in real-time.

Regardless of your printer model, it is mandatory to have HP support assistant on the computer you use to connect with HP printer. Not having HP printer assistant on your computer may restrict you to print, scan, or to perform any other task.

How do I fix the error if HP printer says offline on Mac?

  1. Turn off and disconnect the printer
  2. Connect your Mac laptop with your choice of network
  3. From the official support HP website, install HP printer assistant
  • Support > Software & Drivers> Printer
  1. Turn on the printer
  2. Connect Mac and the printer
  3. Connect the printer with the same network as Mac

After completing this, you are ready to print. In contrary, if the HP printer offline error persists, look for hp printer offline support to get experts’ assistance.

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