Everything you need to know about HP Setup Manager

HP setup manager is included in the HP Notebook PCs and comes as a pre-installed software to provide a number of functionalities to HP pc users. Most of the users who are unaware of using the features and getting started with HP pcs, then he can use this software to simplify his tasks.

HP Setup Manager

So, in this article, we are going to learn about HP setup manager, its features, how to download and uninstall it. You may continue reading this article if you are keen to know any of these.

What is HP setup manager?

The setup manager which comes pre-installed on most of the HP pcs and laptops are useful in many ways. First of all, it allows you to set up your PC for the first time which is quite a difficult task for some. Other than this, the software lets you explore through the world of some interesting features available on your computer. The software proves to be a useful one for those who are completely new to using HP PCs. There are a number of direct links available in the software that paves way to the world of essential HP and Windows applications.

How to launch HP setup manager?

Follow the steps given below to launch the setup manager on your HP device:

  1. In the initial step, click on the Start button of your HP pc.
  2. Now, in the search bar, enter the word ‘Setup’.
  3. Next up, a list of search results will open.
  4. From the search result list, select ‘HP Setup Manager’ to launch it.

Features of HP setup manager

The following features are available as links on your HP Setup Manager. You can directly click on these links to expand the information further:

  • Setting up your printer- if you do not know how to set up your printer for the first time via 123.hp.com/setup, then you may click on this option.
  • Transferring your files- this option allows you to transfer files from your old pc to the new one.
  • Registering your computer- with this manager you can easily register your PC to get new updates and activate the warranty of your device.
  • Setting up backups- get guidance to set up backup by launching the Windows backup utility.
  • Getting connected- when you need help getting connected to the internet, get help from it.
  • Browsing accessories- you can also shop for different accessories.
  • Getting HP technical support- helps you in getting connected to the HP support assistant.
  • Getting software- takes you to the HP download store for adding additional functionality.
  • Configuring settings- make settings to get auto-update of the content and offers.

HP setup manager download Windows 10

Since HP pcs are pre-equipped with HP setup manager, you do not need to download it to start using the software. Software utilities and other such managers are included by default on the manufacturer’s PC and the same is the case with HP manager. Hence, the user does not need to download it. However, you may uninstall it from the ‘Programs and Features’ menu if you do not wish to use it any longer.

However, those who have uninstalled it and wish to get it back can contact the official customer service executives of HP. Or, the factory reset their HP pcs as it will bring back all the default programs available on it.

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