How to know if your WhatsApp messages are exposed to strangers?

WhatsApp users claim that they can see other people’s chat history on their phone while others argue to have their messages deleted for no reason at all.   

WhatsApp bug

Looks like WhatsApp, one of the most popular instant messaging and chatting platform is now plagued with a nasty bug. If the rumors are true, then you’ll be surprised to know how this new threat is disturbing your privacy. The issue exposes your WhatsApp Messaging history in plain text, which means anyone can access your WhatsApp contents and read it.

Until now, WhatsApp is one of the safest online platforms for users to text each other. However, WhatsApp has its fair share of controversies, but this recent bug threat is a weird and fearful experience for users. It exposes your WhatsApp message from chat and deletes them without any warning, leaving the users confused and vulnerable to take any action.

As per the Media coverage, WhatsApp users are now switching to other social media platforms such as Twitter to share their miseries and have complained about their messages are getting deleted in chronological order, starting from the old ones. The WhatsApp bug also surfaced in the last year but was no official statement by the Facebook-owned social media platform.

Here are a few notable observations of people who personally experienced the issue  

Well, it’s all started with a Tweet from Abby Fuller, an active Amazon employee. He mentioned in his Tweet that when he logged in WhatsApp with a new phone number recently purchased, he was amazed to see the chat history linked with the WhatsApp account of the former owner of the number.

It’s an important observation because the Offical WhatsApp documentation clearly says that WhatApp messages associated with a previous phone number get deleted within 45 days. When a new owner of your old number tries to activate WhatsApp in his new phone after 45 days, all the messages and chat linked to the number will be removed from the root to stem. Many retch experts are taking the issue as a serious privacy lapse in WhatsApp, especially considering the service offers end-to-end encryption.

Another victim of this WhatsApp bug, an Indian named Bharat Mishra, also reported his WhatsApp messages are vanishing mysteriously from the chat every morning while he is using a Moto G4 Plus Smartphone.

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