How to Setup a Print Server on Windows 10?

Creating a print server is mandatory in Windows 10 to add a printer to your computer. While many people get the required help from the user manual, others are not sure about how to set up a print server on windows 10. The print server plays a major role in executing the command locally and a network. It can be many different things such as a computer, network device, and software. Here are the steps given below that will help you to know how to setup a printer server on Windows 10.

Setup a Print Server

Before setting up the server, let’s take a look at the pre-requirements that you need to have.

  • The server that you are planning to use must have a valid IP and host in the network
  • Make sure you have the admin benefits over the server
  • The Windows firewall needs to be turned off during the whole process

No matter which server you choose among 2016, 2012 R2, or 2019, following this process will help you to setup a server.

Install and Configure process of Print Server

To install the print server, you will need to open the server manager and find the option “add role and features”.Click on it to add and click on next to proceed, you will get the option to choose one among featured-based and role-based installations. Upon choosing one of them, click on next to choose the server destination, you will need this option if you are having multiple servers.

Next, you have to go to the server roles and choose the document service and print. Click on add and proceed to the next sections. Leave some of the sections at default settings and jump to role service, you will have to choose the Print server in this section among different ones. Choose the one you want and click on install to successfully install the server.

You will need to work a bit to configure the print server, here are the steps are given below. Go to the server manager and click on the tools to get many options. Locate the print server manager conserve and click on it, which will open a tab. On the tab, click on the printer and right-click on it to get the “add a printer” option.

By clicking on the add button, you will need to choose where you want to install the printer on your device. After choosing, you will have to click on create a new port and select the option “TCP/IP”. You will then need to enter the hostname or IP address of your printer. After adding IP, you will need to create a description and location. Among all the different ones, select the perfect driver for your printer.

Click on the share this printer option, select next to finish the process of adding a printer to different Windows Servers such as 2016 R2 and 2012 R2. To set the permission, you will need to right-click on the printer, go to properties to find the security tab. In the Security tab, you will be able to provide permission to whoever you want. Following all of these steps will help you to successfully install and setup or configure a print server on Windows 10.

You can visit to download the printer software and know the process of installing it on your computer. There are many instructions provided about setting up HP wireless printers in Windows. Following those instructions will help you to easily install the printer driver without any complications.

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