Troubleshoot “HP Printer Won’t Connect to Server” error

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If you are facing issues in HP printer or you are receiving error messages while working on HP Printer such as “HP Printer Won’t Connect to Server”. Many HP printer users have complaints related to the same error but before discussing the solution, you should know the root cause of it.

HP Printer Won’t Connect to Server

This error usually occurs due to interruptions in connectivity with the server, showing you a message saying HP Printer won’t connect to the server.

As a result, your HP printer will not follow the printing commands. When your printer is unable to follow the commands to print, then it becomes annoying for you. To rectify this error, unplug the Wi-Fi cable and again plugin to check the network connectivity. Moreover, you can also choose to follow the steps mentioned below to fix this error:-

  1. You have to first make sure your HP Printer is supporting the Web Services.
  2. Check the status of your printer with the network.
  3. Now, restart the Printer, Router, and your PC or computer.
  4. You have to now turn on the Web Services from the EWS (Embedded Web Server).
  5. Now, inspect whether the internet server settings are applied or not.
  6. Check and update the printer firmware.
  7. Make sure to service your printer.
  8. Check whether your HP Printer is ready to perform the printing tasks or not.

Important: – The above steps will help you to resolve the issue HP Printer Won’t Connect to Server. In case, you still have an issue, you can contact HP Customer support team, who will guide you through the entire process with improvised solutions and technical prowess.

HP Printer Support Assistant to resolve the complex errors

To get solutions for “HP Printer Won’t Connect to Server”, you can call HP Printer Assistant Number visible on its official website. The support assistant will be provided to will listen to your issues and will drive out the best possible solution. The HP assistant will assist you with their technical skills and knowledge.

Wrapping up:-

By wrapping up, you can say it is important to resolve the error mentioned in this article so that your printer can perform the printing task commanded to it without any further issues related to network connectivity. It is recommended to resolve the issue along with the assistance of HP technicians and support team.

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